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Quintus Technologies AB

Quintus has unfortunately limited capacity to actively participate in live chats during Moment.


Quintus Technologies offers high-pressure sheet metal forming presses plus hot and cold isostatic presses for densification of advanced materials. Our systems offerings are backed by an extensive service and support program.


We have delivered over 1,900 systems with more than 90% sold since the 1960s still in operation. Our customers are located all over the world and operate in areas such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical implants.


At Quintus Technologies we want to be in the forefront of high-pressure processing technology. Our focus on metal forming presses as well as hot and cold isostatic presses enables us to play a leadership role in discovering and manufacturing innovative applications for many industries.


Continuous Research & Development is crucial for any high-tech company and it is a high priority area for Quintus Technologies.

Throughout our history, we have been highly regarded for pioneering a number of technical innovations in high-pressure processing. Currently Quintus Technologies has 120 patents and a record of firsts:


  • We were the first company to create systems to produce synthetic diamonds, employing pressures approaching 1 million psi (7,000 MPa);
  • We developed the QUINTUS® wire wound pressure vessel and frame, considered the safest and most reliable pressure containment system ever designed;
  • The first and most powerful high-pressure presses for hydrostatic extrusion (30,000 bar, 435,000 psi) were built by us;
  • The first Uniform Rapid Cooling furnaces for hot isostatic presses are another invention from Quintus Technologies.


We invest heavily in highly qualified scientific and technical specialists and in fully equipped research facilities. We have extensive isostatic and sheet metal forming laboratories in Västerås, Sweden, a testing and research facility in the US, located in Columbus, Ohio, as well as partnerships with labs and research institutions all over the world.


Currently Quintus Technologies is taking huge steps in a range of applications including medical, oil & gas, aerospace, and in production technology development areas such as advanced post-processing in 3D printing processes.


If you found this interesting, please visit Quintus website for further information of open positions, thesis work and trainee program.