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Equality, diversity and equal treatment (JML) is something that is very important for all activities at the Royal Machine Section, and therefore it is natural that it is also Moment’s most important watchword. It goes without saying that this should permeate everything we do. We are also convinced that it is the key to a successful Moment. We believe that these values ​​are the basis for taking companies, business and society to the next level. Therefore, JML is not just a word or a slogan for us, but something we actively work on all the time. On the next page, you can read about how we do to raise the issue!

How do we work with equality?

Workshops & educating

JML is an issue that can be difficult to understand the importance of. Especially if you belong to a privileged majority group. So in order to educate and increase the understanding about JML, we have had during the spring, and will have several workshops and trainings in the autumn with everyone who is involved in Moment. During these workshops, we learn how we can jointly create an open and inclusive environment. We also encourage our partners to internally work on these issues and train the representatives they send to interact with students.

Diversity and equal conditions

All students should be welcome to get involved in Moment, regardless of background. This is done with an open and impartial recruitment process followed by active work to ensure that everyone is seen and heard.

Functional variations of various kinds should not be an obstacle of getting involved in Moment or participating in our various events. For example, we ensure that microphones are in place during lunchtime lectures so that people with possible hearing impairments have the same chance to take part in what is said as others. When choosing halls for our events, we also ensure that there is an opportunity for wheelchairs and similar aids to be brought in. It must also be clear where participants can turn if they have questions about accessibility or special issues.


The machine section has many international students. Several of these students attend one of the master’s programs. Therefore, Moment invests in all marketing and information being available in English.

In order for everyone to be able to take part in Moment, our ambition is also that several of the events we organize will be held in English and that all exhibiting companies will have at least one English-speaking representative on site during the fair. In this way, no students are excluded from participation and you as an exhibitor reach out to more students.


In Moment, students regardless of gender identity are welcome and we strive to have a great breadth in the project. We also encourage our exhibiting companies to bring representatives of different gender identities to events. This is to actively show that you, just like us, do not believe that competence is in any way connected to a person’s gender identity.


For us, it is obvious that Moment’s operations should go hand in hand with sustainability. This includes both environmental and social sustainability. Our vision is that Moment, through ambitious goals and smart strategies, will become a leading fair in sustainability and at the same time be a role model for other similar projects. Moment 2024 works strategically with sustainable development and has a long-term perspective on everything we do. By carefully reviewing all processes to identify problem areas, we can then develop tailored solutions. On the following page you can read about our biggest investments.

How do we work with sustainability?

Moment transport

Moment transport is a service that gives the exhibiting companies a sustainable alternative for transporting their stand material to the fair. The fact that the transports can be coordinated with each other means that emissions can be significantly reduced.

Waste sorting

For us, it is extremely important that the rubbish we produce is recycled correctly. During both the fair itself and all other events that we organize, the rubbish will be sorted by source (paper, plastic, metal, glass and compostable) and then recycled.

Disposable items

As certain single-use plastic items are banned by the EU, Moment has chosen to completely stop using such products. Instead, we invest in using single-use paper items and reusable items where possible and environmentally beneficial.

We strive to phase out single-use profile articles and also have an ongoing investment in articles that can be reused for several years to come. We encourage you exhibitors who wish to distribute profile articles to students at the fair to avoid single-use products.

Social sustainability

For us, it is obvious to work for a socially sustainable fair where all people feel safe and included, both participants and exhibitors. This will be achieved through continuous work according to JML, which stands for Equality, Diversity and Equal Treatment.


We invest mostly in digital marketing to have as little environmental impact as possible. This will be achieved via social media, our website and emailing to the students.

All internal communication in Moment will also take place via digital platforms and cloud services. This completely eliminates the need to print various documents and images.


Since a large part of the climate impact from food comes from meat, Moment has chosen to serve vegetarian food that is, as far as possible, locally produced, organic and vegan.