Moment was held for the first time on the 19th of February 2013 and is for 2020 scheduled to be on the last thursday of January in Nymble. With many exciting companies represented, eager to meet students, is Moment a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with future employers and colleagues. You might even discover your dream company! The Career Fair Week is first and foremost marketed towards the Mechanical Chapter, but other chapters are of course welcome as well.
A Career Fair Week aims to strengthen relations between students and the business world through meetings, information and activities. The concept bases on a fair, where the meeting point is the natural habitat of students – school.


The Career Fair Days
Although the Career Fair Days is the main point of Moment, it is not the only event that is arranged. During the week of Moment you can attend different events such as lunch-lectures, case solving and workshops. The events are held on campus as well as at the offices of contributing companies. During the fair there will also be an opportunity for Connecting Dialogues. Last but not least you can attend Kompassen – Moment’s very own talk show!

Moment and the Mechanical Chapter
Moment is an organisation within the Royal Mechanical Chapter and is therefore obliged to follow the rules and limits set within the Chapter. It is also Moment’s foremost purpose to strengthen connections between members of the Chapter and their future employers. All economical redundancy goes to the Royal Mechanical Chapter. The project leader of Moment is chosen by members of the Chapter on one of four annual Chapter meetings (SM).

The Organisation
Moment is done as a project led by the project leader. The project leader collaborates with a project group that take responsibility for different areas such as business, purchase, PR etc. Working with the project group are group leaders and others with responsibility for smaller areas such as IT and lounge. Last but not least does Moment also have hosts that perform a lot of the practical work during the fair. One could say there is a place for everyone within Moment!

The Career Fair Days of the Mechanical Chapter was based on the ”traditional Career Fair Days”, yet with focus on having contributing companies take part in more than just the fair itself. We are thoroughly convinced that this is not only a more fun way to meet but also that it makes the experience a lot more worthy for both parties. With this focus we hope to raise expectations for companies as well as students. The goal for Moment is crystal clear; more successful meetings, raised expectations and quicker employment for students!

The Future of Moment
The vision for the Mechanical Chapter’s Career Fair Days is to shortly establish as a fair of highest possible quality for students as well as businesses. The overall goal is to constantly create a fair that surpasses the one from the previous year by always inviting relevant companies, creating interesting events and provide visitors with a good impression. Moment is constantly working towards offering the most important fair for all students of the Mechanical Chapter.