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Welcome to an exciting lunch lecture with Structor Akustik on Tuesday 6/12, at 12.15 in V1. Lunch will be offered and it is first come, first served. The lunch lecture will be held in Swedish.

 First come, first served and those who have received a seat will be notified via email a few days before the lecture takes place. Students at M and P have priority. 

Here is some more info regarding Structor Akustik and what they will talk about:

Structor Akustik is one of the largest acoustic consulting companies in the Stockholm region, and consists of around 15 acousticians with engineering degrees. The company is active in the construction industry at all stages of the engineering process, from early investigations within master plans and preliminary studies to investigations and measures in the existing environment. The employees do not sit with customers outside of the office space, but work from an office at Norrmalm, Stockholm.

The company works, among other things, with calculation and measurement of social noise and vibrations from, for example, roads, railways, industries and construction sites. The company also works with acoustic planning and measurement for homes, offices and public buildings such as e.g. schools.

During the lecture, we will talk about what everyday life can look like for an acoustics consultant in different parts of the career, and talk about what we think is exciting about the professional role as an acoustician. We will also introduce ourselves as a company and give a picture of how we work together as a group. We conclude by informing about the master’s and the courses that are relevant to our profession.

Structor Akustik offers part-time jobs, ex-jobs and summer jobs.